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Free RC Model Airplanes Blueprints and Plans Alphabetically ordered. All PDF files with large thumbnails.
Indoor RC Model Airplanes Plans.
Free RC Plans of Indoor Model Airplanes Uploaded by Members...

Sport RC Model Airplanes Plans.
These plans are from aerobatic airplanes great for advanced flyers and experienced builders.

Scale RC Model Airplanes Plans.
These are flying replicas of real planes. Often called Semi-Scale, these plans are for experienced builders. A few week or months of building should be expected even for experienced builders.

From the beginnings of Aviation these are the early birds, often called "flying machines"... From Da Vinci to Santos Dumont all can be found here.
3Views RC Model Airplanes Plans.
JPG and GIF image format files of 3 views of real aircrafts. these may be useful for modelers since most of these planes have never been modeled...

Various RC Model Airplanes Plans.
Prototype models, personal experiments, and much more...

American Warbirds RC Model Airplanes Plans.
American War Aircrafts Models from WW1 and WW2. Here you can find planes like the P-51 Mustang, the P-38 Lightning, P-47 Thunderbolt, the B-25 Mitchell and much more...

German Warbirds RC Model Airplanes Plans.
German WW2 Planes like the Stuka, the BF-109, the Fockewulf... Or the Fokker DVII from the WW1 and others...

German Warbirds RC Model Airplanes Plans.
British WW2 planes like the Spitfire or the Lancaster...

Jet Ducted Fan RC Model Airplanes Plans. Usually electric, these models are balsa conventional construction and fiberglass or simply made from foam shaped with a sandpaper and a good dose of talent.
Manuals of RC Model Airplanes Plans.
Various manuals of RC planes, equipments like radios, gyros, helicopters...

Airplanes Photos. Upload your All sorts of Aircrafts photos. These may be useful as painting guide on your models...
Parkflyers RC Model Airplanes Plans.
Small size planes suitable for small outside places like parks and sport fields. usually no bigger than 1.2 meter these models are very popular.

Various Sailplanes and Gliders Plans. I learn to fly with a glider and I think that is the best way to do so. In my case was a slope glider but a thermic will do fine...
Plans prior to the WW2. these are called Old Timers... an example is the Playboy. This model is often used in Old Timers competitions. These are not easy buildings.
Various Tanks, Rocket launchers, missile platforms and more...
Various Insignia and Markings for various planes


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