Cadet UT-1 by: Lee Renaud (RCMplans ref:704)

Cadet UT-1

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Cadet UT-1 [0.00 points]

DesignerLee Renaud
PublisherRCMplans ref:704
DateOctober 1977
File size573KB
CategoriesScale, Glider, R/C
Download AvailableYes

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Description & Comments

About the Cadet UT-1:

Cadet - Scale glider model.. Quote: - With the interest in stand-off scale sailplanes growing by leaps and bounds, the Cadet UT-1 is a natural for competition or general sport flying Hi Steve - Here...  [more]

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* Credits

The credits are a way to recognize work done with the plans, may be scanning, tracing, cleaning, restoring, scaling the Cadet UT-1 model airplane plan.


The Cadet UT-1 plans is supposed to be scaled correctly, a good way to be sure about this it to open it with adobe PDFreader and measure the parts checking if they fit together.


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