Curtiss-Wright CW1 Junior by: JW Headley (Aeromodeller)

Curtiss-Wright CW1 Junior

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Curtiss-Wright CW1 Junior [0.00 points]

DesignerJW Headley
DateApril 1970
File size1914KB
Creditaeromeddeler, algy2
CategoriesScale, IC, F/F, Parasol, Pusher
Download AvailableYes

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Description & Comments

About the Curtiss-Wright CW1 Junior:

Curtiss-Wright CW1 Junior - Scale free flight pusher model. For up to.1cc power.

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* Credits

The credits are a way to recognize work done with the plans, may be scanning, tracing, cleaning, restoring, scaling the Curtiss-Wright CW1 Junior model airplane plan.


The Curtiss-Wright CW1 Junior plans is supposed to be scaled correctly, a good way to be sure about this it to open it with adobe PDFreader and measure the parts checking if they fit together.


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