Henderson Glenny Gadfly by: Arno Diemer

Henderson Glenny Gadfly

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Henderson Glenny Gadfly [0.00 points]

DesignerArno Diemer
File size115KB
CategoriesScale, Electric, R/C, Civil
Download AvailableYes

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Description & Comments

About the Henderson Glenny Gadfly:

Henderson Glenny Gadfly - Peanut scale model, showing electric motor and servos for micro RC. This is a modern plan in PDFvector format.. Direct submission to Outerzone.  [more]

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* Credits

The credits are a way to recognize work done with the plans, may be scanning, tracing, cleaning, restoring, scaling the Henderson Glenny Gadfly model airplane plan.


The Henderson Glenny Gadfly plans is supposed to be scaled correctly, a good way to be sure about this it to open it with adobe PDFreader and measure the parts checking if they fit together.


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