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Keywords: Rubber, F/F
Publisher: Modern Boy
Date: 1929
Wingspan: 14in.

Keywords: IC, F/F, Cabin
Designer: Ben Shereshaw
Publisher: Aeromodeller
Date: 1968
Wingspan: 46in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, Biplane, Trainer, Civil
Designer: Tom Collins
Publisher: Flying Models
Date: 1968
Wingspan: 54in.

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, LowWing, Racer, Civil
Designer: Bill Dennis
Publisher: Aeromodeller
Date: 1986
Wingspan: 24in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, Parasol, Civil
Designer: DB Mathews
Date: 1984
Wingspan: 60in.
Fairchild F-21

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, LowWing
Publisher: FAC

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, LowWing, Civil
Date: 1955
Wingspan: 20in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, F/F, Civil
Designer: Hurst Bowers
Publisher: Flyline

Gloster AS31 Survey

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, Biplane, Multi, Civil
Designer: Emmanuel Fillon
Wingspan: 13in.

Keywords: Rubber, F/F, Biplane
Designer: Merrill Hamburg
Date: 1929
Wingspan: 12in.

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, Cabin, Civil
Wingspan: 31in.

Loening C-2 Air Yacht

Designer: Thomas L Bulger
Date: 1929
Wingspan: 49in.
Macchi M.67

Designer: Lubomir Koutny
Publisher: Aeromodeller
Date: 1997
Wingspan: 13in.