We have 50 plans on 4 pages. Displaying: plan 1 to 15.

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, Civil
Designer: Doc Mathews
Publisher: RCMplans ref:811
Date: 1980
Wingspan: 80in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, F/F, Cabin, Civil
Designer: PMH Lewis
Publisher: Model Aircraft
Date: 1958
Wingspan: 36in.

Keywords: Glider, F/F, R/C
Wingspan: 95in.

Beechcraft Staggerwing

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, Biplane, Civil
Publisher: Berkeley
Wingspan: 20in.

Publisher: Tomasco
Wingspan: 23in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, C/L, Biplane, Civil
Designer: Wieslaw Schier
Wingspan: 29in.

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, LowWing, Racer, Civil
Date: 1935
Wingspan: 20in.
Class C World Record Outdoor Stick

Keywords: Rubber, F/F
Designer: Richard Korda
Date: 1935
Wingspan: 30in.

Designer: Ray Chevedden
Publisher: Comet
Wingspan: 16in.

Publisher: Scientific
Wingspan: 20in.