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Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, LowWing
Publisher: Comet ref:W2

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, Multi
Date: 1937
Wingspan: 34in.

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, Multi, Military
Designer: Allen Hunt
Wingspan: 30in.

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, Cabin, Civil
Publisher: Burd

Curtiss SBC-3 Helldiver

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, Biplane, Military, Bomber
Designer: Jack Lynn Bale
Date: 1998
Wingspan: 51in.

Curtiss XP/YP-23

Designer: Jack Lynn Bale
Date: 1998
Wingspan: 48in.

Keywords: IC, R/C, Cabin
Designer: Lou Davila
Date: 1998
Wingspan: 52in.

Keywords: Electric, R/C, LowWing
Designer: Charles Evans
Date: 1998
Wingspan: 62in.

Keywords: Electric, R/C
Publisher: Hegi ref:B-3250

Fairey N.10

Publisher: Aeromodeller
Date: 1998
Wingspan: 18in.

Keywords: Rubber, F/F, Cabin
Designer: Bill Dean
Publisher: Aeromodeller
Date: 1952
Wingspan: 20in.

Keywords: Rubber, F/F, Pusher
Designer: CA Rippon
Publisher: Premier
Wingspan: 33in.

Keywords: Electric, R/C, Cabin
Designer: Jim Zare
Date: 1998
Wingspan: 36in.

Keywords: IC, F/F, LowWing
Designer: Roy Clough
Publisher: American Modeler
Date: 1962
Wingspan: 10in.