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Armstrong Whitworth FK12

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, Triplane
Designer: Hal Swanson
Wingspan: 21in.


Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, Cabin, Civil
Designer: Bill Knox
Publisher: Frog ref:734-FK
Wingspan: 21in.

Avro 504-R Gosport

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, Biplane
Designer: Mario Battagion
Wingspan: 21in.

Avro Arrow

Designer: Roger Winger
Publisher: Winger Models
Wingspan: 21in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, F/F, Pusher, Military, Bomber
Designer: Bob Linn
Wingspan: 21in.

Keywords: IC, F/F
Designer: Ray Malmstrom
Publisher: Model Aircraft
Wingspan: 21in.

Beta Be 56

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, LowWing, Civil
Designer: M Kacha
Publisher: Modelar
Date: 1973
Wingspan: 21in.

Keywords: IC, R/C, Cabin
Publisher: Multiplex
Wingspan: 88in.

Designer: Don McGovern
Publisher: Berkeley
Wingspan: 21in.

Keywords: IC, C/L, Racer
Designer: Les McBrayer
Publisher: Air Trails
Date: 1952
Wingspan: 21in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, LowWing, Civil
Publisher: RCMplans ref:953
Date: 1985
Wingspan: 54in.

Keywords: IC, C/L
Designer: WA Pollard
Publisher: Aeromodeller
Date: 1958
Wingspan: 21in.

Designer: Paul Lindberg
Publisher: Popular Aviation
Date: 1934
Wingspan: 21in.

Keywords: Rubber, CO2, F/F, Cabin
Publisher: Air Trails
Date: 1949
Wingspan: 28in.

Designer: Alan D Booton
Publisher: Air Trails
Wingspan: 21in.