Model Aircraft Builder

We have 17 plans on 2 pages. Displaying: plan 1 to 15.

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, Biplane, Floatplane
Date: 1970
Wingspan: 72in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, Multi, Civil
Designer: Bud Chappell
Publisher: RCMplans ref:551
Date: 1974
Wingspan: 60in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, Cabin, Military
Designer: Bob Wischer
Date: 1962
Wingspan: 54in.

Keywords: IC, R/C, Cabin, Pusher
Publisher: RCMplans ref:931
Date: 1985
Wingspan: 84in.

Keywords: IC, F/F, Pylon
Designer: James Clem
Date: 1971
Wingspan: 44in.

Keywords: Glider, R/C
Designer: Bob Hahn
Publisher: Flying Models
Date: 1965
Wingspan: 74in.

Publisher: Frog ref:8-K
Wingspan: 17in.

Keywords: IC, R/C, Floatplane
Designer: Ed Happich
Publisher: RCMplans ref:732
Date: 1978
Wingspan: 82in.

Keywords: IC, F/F, LowWing
Designer: E Ross
Publisher: Hamleys
Wingspan: 82in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, LowWing, Multi, Civil
Designer: Jerry Bugni
Publisher: RCMplans ref:803
Date: 1980
Wingspan: 85in.

Designer: ME Meador
Date: 1972
Wingspan: 48in.

Keywords: Scale, Rubber, F/F, Cabin, Civil
Publisher: Capitol
Wingspan: 30in.