R Gordon

We have 20 plans on 2 pages. Displaying: plan 1 to 15.

Keywords: Rubber, F/F
Designer: Bruce Luckett
Publisher: Air Trails
Date: 1937
Wingspan: 32in.
Bay Ridge Topper

Keywords: IC, F/F
Designer: Gordon Murray
Publisher: Consolidated
Wingspan: 42in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, LowWing, Civil
Publisher: RCMplans ref:953
Date: 1985
Wingspan: 54in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, Cabin, Civil
Designer: GE Whitehead
Publisher: RCMplans ref:657
Date: 1976
Wingspan: 33in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, Biplane, Civil
Publisher: RCMplans ref:734
Date: 1978
Wingspan: 45in.

Keywords: Electric, R/C
Date: 1993
Wingspan: 46in.

Keywords: Scale, IC, R/C, Biplane, Civil
Date: 1989
Wingspan: 47in.
Gull Wing

Keywords: IC, F/F
Designer: Pop Schrieber

Publisher: RCMplans ref:757
Date: 1979
Wingspan: 46in.

Keywords: Rubber, F/F, Biplane
Designer: Gordon Allen
Publisher: Model Aircraft
Date: 1954
Wingspan: 15in.

Keywords: IC, C/L
Designer: Gordon Rae
Publisher: Aeromodeller
Wingspan: 28in.

Keywords: IC, F/F, Cabin
Publisher: Keil Kraft
Wingspan: 44in.

Keywords: F/F
Designer: Gordon Fairly